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afflite digetal & software price_$69.99
10 Virtual Card paypal $2 Balance

10 Virtual Card paypal $2 Balance

afflite digetal & software price_$69.99
Short Description:

Product Description

  1. Virtual card to activate the paypal (vcc)
  2. A $ 2 credit card will enable you to activate PayPal without problems

Card Features
  1. Enables you to create a 30-day Amazon prime account for free
  2. The card is not banned from PayPal
  3. The card has a long duration can be up to 1 years
.How to receive the card

  1. We will send you your card information via email within 1 hours or 24 hours
.When payment is made

The pp number for activating the card takes you from 1 hour or 12 hours